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National Initiative / Open Discussions



Within the continuous tragic situation in Lebanon on all levels: constitutional, political, economic and social and with the surrounded fires in several Arab countries, it is a must for the Civil Society and its vital forces to launch a dynamic dialogue for what country and what state the Lebanese aspire to. And specifying the factors of dysfunctions, corrective actions required, and to agree on positive movements’ mechanisms to ensure the presence, the vitality, the capabilities and the sustainability of the Civil Society’s role in defining Lebanon’s future.
Based on the above, “Civic Influence Hub” launches the “National Initiative – Open Discussions”.

  • Building a coherent and continuous platform between all the sectors of the Civil Society and its vital forces.
  • Launching a participatory mechanism for the subjects of change that Lebanon needs and classifying these subjects in order of priority to think together about the potential actions expected.
  • Elaborating operational and cooperative frameworks between all the sectors of the civil society and its vital forces and creating positive pressure on the Decision Making.
  • Endorsing the richness and effectiveness of the Civil Society through its cohesion and solidarity and presenting integrated initiatives on all levels.


  • Periodical Dialogue.
  • Establishment of follow up Committees.
  • Formulation of sectorial work papers under the subjects of change, its priorities and mechanisms of movements.
  • Preparing a national conference for the Civil society and its vital forces organized by the follow up committees that shows the common spaces and outcomes of what has been presented with a road map for the future work.

Civil Societies

Lebanon’s economy is in need of concerted efforts for growth and development. Following the First National Initiative, economic representatives will be present in the Second National Initiative / Open Discussions on Thursday, March 3 at five in the afternoon in Hotel Monroe.

Photos of the First National Initiative

First National Initiative - Schedule



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