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“Civic Influence Hub” in its first Round Table
With figures committed to the National Causes and Academics
Deep research in the Constitution, the State and Conviviality

Beirut, June 30, 2016: In the framework of the national initiative events, the “Civic Influence Hub” launched its first round table entitled: “the Constitution, the State and Conviviality” in which participated figures committed to the national affairs and CIH board of Trustees members and Administration. The round table began with the Lebanese national anthem and a minute of silence for the Lebanese martyrs.
The CIH speech was delivered by Mr. Antoine Wakim, member of the Board of Directors, saying: “As part of the national initiative, this day was preceded by three meetings of open discussions with the civil society associations and movements, economic stakeholders and liberal professions syndicates, which means that we are facing two equal tracks. The first is horizontal and sheds light on the problems that Lebanon is facing, the reformative priorities and the proposed actions to achieve an interactive and participatory dynamic of change. The second is vertical, and deeply searches where we are now? Where should we be? And how do we reach this point?
The outcomes of these meetings characterized by courage, freedom and a non-political aspect showed that there is a big passion for a unified vision towards a constitutional modern path, considered as the pillar of a modern and unifying state. They also reflected the strong will to continue building a rooted conviviality.”

Wakim also added: “the wars of today are a consequence of a programmed will, not of the Black Swan’s goal, and their repercussions will surely interact, especially with the fluctuant price of oil, that constituted the dynamo of the region’s economies for decades. Don’t you think that they want us to pay a price?Don’t you notice that we are living under the terrorism of weapons and corruption?If we don’t put an end to the careless attitude amid these circumstances, it will be lethal for our children.Your presence with us and our presence with you today is a rejection of indifference, and achievement of resistance, resistance of the free world and knowledge, so that we keep owing Lebanon and its heritage.”
The vice-chairman of CIH, Dr. Mounir Yehia then reviewed the outcomes of the first three open discussions with the civil society associations, the economic stakeholders, the liberal professions syndicates, on which the hub was based to analyze the approaches on the Constitution, the State and Conviviality.
The discussions focused on the deadlock that the Lebanese are living in when it comes to the Constitution, the State and Conviviality, amid the regional turmoil. They also pointed out the priority of clarifying the issues related to structural failures and to creating a road map for change.
Knowing that conviviality is the base for managing the pluralism in citizenship, after differentiating between the constitutional democracy and the chartered democracy, passing by the major reforms in the political system such as the electoral law, the administrative decentralization, and establishing the national organization to abolish sectarianism, after concluding with the dangerous geostrategic alliances that may be imposed on the region, and Lebanon, it is highly important to call for forming a neutral vision of Lebanon that links the economic growth to the social protection by neutralizing Lebanon. This vision enables Lebanon to move from a State occupied by a group of people to a lobbying power that liberates citizens from fear, so that they can undertake effective and symbolic steps to save Lebanon. With all that was mentioned above, the participants were also discussed the necessity of an educational reform that ends the sectarianism and confessionalism in the Lebanese identity, and puts away the threatened identity situation, aiming towards forming an honest, competent and effective citizen that implements the constitution and establishes a capable and fair State governed by the law, and achieves an exemplary success through conviviality in the light of the rising extremism.
The CIH Chairman, engineer FahedSaccal delivered a closing speech in which he assured that the dialogue will continue to share the responsibility to build a coordination framework aiming towards the aspired change.

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